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At Home Titan, we've got all the answers you'll need for building your own home. Or maybe you're building a home to sell. Our goal is to provide the information and resources you need to successfully build a house to live in, or to sell. And if we don't have the info on our site, we'll point you in the right direction to find it on another.
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Parts and Materials of Your Home

When it comes to building a house, you will need to know a lot more than the materials and parts that go into it.

House Budget

When it comes to building a home, the first step in planning is creating a preliminary budget.

Funding the House Build

If you don't have cash available to cover construction costs, you will need to looking into getting funding. Investment Properties has the info you need to make a smart decision.

“How Much Can You Save Building Your Own Home?”

That's the million dollar question. Being the owner builder, if done right, you'll save what the builder would make in profit. How much would that be? Depends. Smaller homes smaller profits. But with all things being equal, usually around 15-20% for smaller houses. Building larger houses yourself could command larger profits around 25-35%.

See the Steps
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Cost Estimate

Factors Affecting Your Costs

You have probably heard people talk about costs per square foot, and maybe you're thinking there is some magic formula you can apply to come up with what your home will cost. Unfortunately, that's not the case.
The design and specifications - the kind, amount, and quality of the things to be included in your home.
The prices you are able to negotiate for the labor and materials to be used in the construction.
How long it takes to build the home (this affects the interest you will have to pay on the construction loan).
How successful you are in ordering the correct amounts of materials and in controlling waste and theft.
The Fun Part

After your home is built, it's time for the yard!

There as been coutless studies that have shown the benefits of a healthy yard. A yard is much more than aesthetics, it's a place to improve your mood, health, fitness levels, stress and more. Additionally, a study by Landscape Design Site revealed that healthy green lawns addresses a host of environmental issues. Below, Real Green Lawn Care has layed out the steps to keep your yard healthy and looking great.
Let's start with overall lawn care for your yard. If you're going to start, focus on the entire yard and lawn, not just the parts you think are necessary. See Real Green lawn care for more info.
You can't have a healthy lawn if it's infested with pests. Control the amount of bugs and rodents that are in your yard is crucial to it's overall health. Our lawn pest control series is covered by the pest pros at Precision Pest Control.
Wanting a swimming pool? Start here and we'll show you how to build one yourself. Experts at BD Pools and Spas will guide you every step of the way.
Looking for backyard ideas in your area. Check out these amazing backyard ideas from the Landscape Design Site.
Hiring a contractor series

Hiring a Contractor?

Hiring a contractor can be daunting process if you're not careful. Don't worry though, we have put together some great tips and strategies for hiring the right contractor for you new home build. See below for all or click on one below.

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Pool Construction Series

Nothing completes a home like a new pool!

Our pool construction series has amazing strategies and tips on building the perfect swimming pool to complete your dream home!

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