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Think you want to be an Owner Builder?

Maybe you've been thinking about being an Owner Builder for a long time, but don't know were to start. Let's take a look at what's on your mind.
When you say you want to build your own home, I'm assuming you want be the contractor... not the carpenter. You want to be an Owner Builder! Let's take some of the mystery out of it.

Builders come from all walks of life. Many builders started out as subcontractors - perhaps a framing carpenter, or a drywall subcontractor (sub).

Others come from professions further removed from the process - like banking or architecture. Still others may have simply had a home built and watched carefully.

It looked easy, so they decided to build one for sale. That one led to another, and soon their "part-time hobby" was making more money than their full-time job!

A few colleges offer courses of study in building technology, but the point is, most builders started out with a limited understanding of the complete process of home building.

Generally speaking, how well a builder does, depends on how well he masters this process. Some builders catch on quickly. Others fall into poor habits or simply do not have the desire or persistence to sort it all out and make it work smoothly.

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