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Construction Management Options

Home building requires a substantial time commitment.
If you plan to be an Owner Builder, there will be many times that you will need to be on the phone early in the morning talking to subs or ordering additional materials.

And you will often need to be at the job site at different times during the day to receive or secure materials, answer questions, and inspect the quality of the work. Below you will discover some of your options. In other words, it’s not all or nothing. You can choose the level of your involvement.

In this option you elect to do everything a general contractor would do. You will need some flexibility in your time to do this successfully.The only greater commitment you could make is if you also decide to do some of the actual work (that would normally be done by a sub contractor) yourself. This level obviously requires the greatest amount of time on your part.

You can do most of your checking in the early morning and after work, but occasionally you’ll have to meet someone there during the day. If your spouse can help out here, you’re in business.

Most of our students work with a spouse or other family member to lighten the load. Family members are the most reliable source of this kind of support, since they have the greatest stake in the project.

Finding someone to act as your agent at the job site can significantly lighten your load. This could be a family member, friend, or just someone you know or have found that has the EXPERIENCE and TIME to carry out this important task.

A retired builder or job superintendent is often a good choice. You may be able to find such a person through a building supplies dealer or a local labor union. Of course, choosing this option will automatically reduce some of the hands-on control you will have over the project. If you go this route, find someone you communicate well with, and have a clear understanding as to the duties and compensation involved.

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