What's the Most Scratch Resistant Flooring?

What’s the most scratch resistant flooring? Scratches on floors after buying land and building a house aren’t an attractive sight, and if you’re thinking of installing a new floor, scratch resistant flooring is your best bet. If you have pets or children, you should consider installing the most durable flooring for pets.

Your kids’ toys and your pet’s claws can subject your beautiful floor to scratches. There’s no reason to worry about damages to your floor if you invest in scratch proof flooring.

What Is The Most Scratch Resistant Flooring?

Pet Resistant Flooring
Pet Resistant Flooring

If you’re concerned about scratches, there are several options for you to consider before you build a house.

1. Tile

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are one of the most scratch resistant flooring. They’re easy to maintain and are visually appealing. These types of flooring are water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about spills.

They are resistant to dust and pet dander and will maintain the quality of your indoor air. If you’ve been wondering, what’s the most scratch resistant flooring, tile is your best bet.

But, how safe is tile flooring? Well that will depend on where you have it in the home. If it will be throughout the entire home, you will want to put into consideration the people who will live in the home. Young children and elders are usually more prone to having accidents on tile flooring like falling and or slipping.

2. Laminate

Scratch resistant laminate flooring is processed in strips and looks like wood. If you’re bent on floors that look like wood but aren’t keen on scratches, this type of flooring is an excellent choice for you. It isn’t easy to tell the difference between wooden floors and laminate.

Laminate flooring comes in different types of finishes and colors and is scuff resistant. If you have pets and children, you can add a no-slip layer to this pet resistant flooring for additional safety.

3. Vinyl

Scratch Proof Flooring
Scratch Proof Flooring

Vinyl tiles and sheets are produced from multiple layers and synthetic materials. If you install a durable material as your top layer, it will protect flooring from damage and scratches. To be on the safe side, ensure that the vinyl’s bottom layers have the same colors as the top ones. This will help you hide any damages.

Vinyl is affordable, scratch resistant, and soundproof. It is an excellent choice for busy homes. If you want scratch resistant wood flooring, there are options of vinyl that look like wood. There are also those with luxury finishes or resemble stone. With vinyl flooring, you can have both function and style.

What Is The Right Scratch Resistant Flooring For You?

There are many options for durable flooring in the market. However, your choice must be right for your home and you. If you’re still wondering, what’s the most scratch resistant flooring for your home, why don’t you ask your contractor or subcontractor to pay you a visit with samples and give you the best advice?