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Cheapest House to Build

What is The Cheapest Type of House to Build? (Not What You Think)

What is The Cheapest Type of House to Build?

Aside from real estate prices, the cost of building materials makes building a home very expensive. This has been a source of worry for most people as they often ask what is the cheapest type of house to build? But what they do not know is that they can choose the cheapest building materials so that the cost of building a home will be reduced. Especially if you are looking into buying land to build a house from the ground up. You will obviously need to learn how to choose the land first before considering this option.

These cheap materials can be suitable for various climatic conditions, codes for local building and such other factors that make for a habitable home. You will just need to make sure that you hire an electrician when building your home to ensure wiring is done correctly. This is key to avoiding house fires.

Some of the types of materials that you can opt for when you are looking for cheap ways to build a house include the following;

Prefabricated Panels

Making use of prefabricated panels is one of the fastest and cheapest methods of building a house. With these prefabricated materials you can have a custom house at a very low cost.

Prefabricated panels are designed to have air-tight polystyrene insulation that is expanded. The insulating materials will make it easy to minimize heat loss and heat gain as well. The beauty of these low-conductive materials is that you will have a home with minimal carbon residue.

It is a very environmentally-friendly way of building a home as it consists of reusable materials that can be dismantled. It is very safe as it reduces the risk of fire hazards and infestation of termites.  

Concrete Sheets

Most residential homes have their exteriors fashioned from concrete. The simplest way to achieve the concrete appearance at a reduced cost is to make use of the concrete sheets or panels. If you are one to go for stylish looks, the concrete panels and sheets are the way to go. The biggest advantages of concrete panels are the long-lasting quality, the resistance to climatic conditions, low-conductivity properties and finally the sound suppression. They are also fireproof. The certainty of enjoying these qualities while having a very affordable home is a good merit of concrete sheets and panels.

Stone Cladding

Most people would have loved to make stone homes. They are very beautiful and sophisticated but they are expensive. However, one can achieve the look without having to spend as much by simply using stone cladding. Stone Cladding is a decorative cover used for the exterior of the home.

Aside from the cheap cost of building a home which the stone cladding provides, it also gives you a home that is suitable for different weather conditions. It is suitable for the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter.

Used Shipping Containers

This has become one of the cheapest homes to build and is now very popular. The erroneous idea that using shipping containers will result in a small home has long been discarded since you can join more containers to create a bigger home.

Cheapest Type of House to Build

Using shipping containers is environmentally friendly and helps in the recycling of materials. Once you get containers that have not been over used then you are on the right track. Fairly used containers do not have dents and rusts. Once they are properly insulated, these homes are fashioned from the cheap building materials for houses.

Reclaimed Timber

Reclaimed timber is not only popular because it is a cheap home to build but also because it is very trendy. Timber is very stylish for building homes. Reclaimed timber is also environmentally friendly. You may even decide to use timber for a garage door with windows to bring in natural light to your garage.

Corrugated Metal Sheets

If you are asking what is the cheapest type of house to build, you will want to know that corrugated metal sheets can be fairly cheap and affordable. Corrugated metal sheets were mostly used for industrial purposes until it was introduced as a material for home building. It is a very affordable material and can be stylish. One of its chief advantages is its durability. It is also very resistant to the most adverse weather conditions. The maintenance of this material is easy and cheap as well.


Most people do not know the value and importance of bamboo especially those that have it within close proximity. Bamboo can be a very cheap building material. It has actually been used by a lot of civilizations in history especially in Asia. Bamboo suffers from one limitation and it is the fact that it can become damaged in dry seasons where there is low humidity.

Pro Tip:

building a house the cheapest way

Bamboo is reusable and often easy to maintain. Before building a home with bamboo be sure to get the services of an expert that understands how to do it properly. It requires skills and expertise to be done properly.

Which Material Will You Decide to Use?

Now that you understand all of the different types of housing materials you can use, which will you decide on? Whether you are just looking into what is the cheapest type of house to build or what is the best type of house to build, I am sure you will find some answers here. No more stressing over saving money and causing yourself to get a migraine over the stress. Just relax and research into these different materials.

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Cheapest House to Build

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