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Garage Makeover

How To Give Your Garage A Makeover (Ultimate Guide)

garage makeover

Is your car not parked in the garage because of clutter? Or, is there no space to store your outdoor items and your tools because your vehicles are taking up too much space? If you said yes to any of these questions, it might be time to consider how to give your garage a makeover.

The environmental factors in your area may determine how you can use your garage, but a well-organized garage should meet multiple needs. You can use it as a sanctuary, a workshop, or a warehouse. You can attain some much-needed floor space by learning how to store your sporting equipment and tools like rakes.

To figure out how you’d like your space to function, you have first to declutter. Then, the garage makeover ideas we discuss below will help you learn practical solutions to maintain your garage.

1. Use Magnetic Storage Panels To Store Tools.

All you need is some creativity and essential supplies to implement garage makeover ideas. Store your tools in an organized and accessible space to ensure you work efficiently and safely. Even if toolboxes are a great way to store items, you should be able to find what you need quickly.

Magnetic storage panels are a great way to save space and display your tools openly. Tools are easy to reach, they’re out of the way, and they’re presented neatly.

You can easily find magnetic steel panels in a hardware store. You can also find a 12- inch magnetic tool panel at Home Depot. All you need to do to store your essentials is to hang the panel with a mounting bracket.

give your garage a makeover

2. Save Space By Using A Fold-Down Workbench.

One of the best garage remodel ideas is to use a foldaway workbench rather than an oversized work table to save on space. A wall-mounted foldable workbench is an excellent garage makeover idea because:

  • It includes wall storage for storing your tools
  • You can fold it when you’re not using it
  • It gives you a place to work

You can purchase foldaway workbenches at hardware stores and install them as a DIY project.

3. Store Your Bikes On Ceiling Hooks

Even if it is hard to find storage space for your bikes, you don’t have to lean them against the garage wall. Use your ceiling space for extra storage. Compared to bike racks, which can cost between $200- $600, ceiling hooks are easy to implement and affordable.

This can offer huge savings when you’re looking for garage makeover ideas on a budget. What you need:

  • Heavy-duty, rubber-coated hooks from a hardware store near you.
  • Make holes on the garage ceiling using a power drill.
  • Hang each bike vertically by one of its wheels.

4. DIY Garden Tool Holder

Are you using your garage as a gardening shed? You’ve probably found some tools such as brooms, shovels, rakes, and more jumbled up in the corner of your garage. Use a hose to ensure you organize all your essential tools easily.

If you have an extra hose, cut it into small, 7 inch pieces. Next, you will slit down one side of each piece with a pair of scissors. With the opening facing you, nail the pieces vertically on the wall. You now have the perfect holders for gardening and lawn tools and a clutter-free garage floor.

5. Overhead Storage Shelves

Garage upgrades can include overhead storage shelves. You can free up floor space by taking advantage of your garage ceiling to store your items. Items such as decorations, clothing, and large crates that you use infrequently can be hung on overhead shelves.

Overhead shelves can hold up to 600 pounds if they’re sturdy and will cost between $20- $500 depending on the amount of storage you need. Consider getting an overhead hoist pulley system if you will need to access these items such as kayaks, tools, boxes, or other equipment frequently so you can get easy access.

6. Keep Like Items And Sporting Equipment Together.

You know how frustrating it can be to organize sporting equipment when you have kids who like sports. Rather than scattering equipment around the floor or using large bins for storage, you can save tons of floor space by creating a bungee storage system.

You will need:

  • Bungee cords
  • Nails
  • Spare wood


  • Making a “U” shape, install three pieces of wood to the bottom and top areas of your wall that are your desired height of storage.
  • Create a barrier that’ll hold balls in place by hooking four or five bungee cords from the wooden ledges.

You can easily access basketballs, soccer balls, or footballs since the cords are flexible. If you can’t DIY, get a $20 metal version online

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makeover your garage

7. Finish The Space By Upgrading The Garage Floor

Once you’ve crossed off all your garage remodel ideas, you can go ahead and bring it all together with a shiny epoxy floor coating. Epoxy (Epoxy vs Resin) is excellent for garage upgrades as it is grease, chip, oil, and water-resistant. It also wipes well.

Follow these steps to upgrade your garage floor using epoxy:

  • Fill up cracks and potholes on your garage floor
  • Clean the surface with an all-purpose cleaner and rinse the surface well. Let it dry.
  • Mix in the epoxy and stir well. Remember to pour the can of hardener into the epoxy and stir well.
  • Pour epoxy paint into a paint tray. Spread the coating around the floor and ensure the paint is smooth.
  • Apply a second coat after the paint has dried for 24 hours.
  • Mix topcoat with hardener and blend thoroughly. Wait 30 minutes and apply your topcoat. Before you use your garage, wait 72 hours.

Your local hardware store can offer you epoxy paint for almost $30 per gallon, depending on the paint brand.

With these simple garage makeover ideas, you will soon transform your garage into an organized and functional area.

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Garage Makeover

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