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Hiring an Electrician

Hiring an Electrician: 5 Critical Things to Look For

hiring an electrician

It can be tempting to just hire the first electrician you find.

It may provide a decent fix to your problems, but it may not be the best option for the long-term.

Hiring your electrician based on availability and price is a sure-fire way to get low quality work. Often, you’ll pay more for the frequent visits and ongoing issues than if you hired a very qualitied and premium electrician. It’s best to do some planning and research ahead of time.

You never want to find yourself in this kind of predicament. That begs the question, what should you really be looking for in an electrician then?

We’ll uncover 5 critical things to look for to find the right electrician for you.

1. Prior Experience to that Exact Service You’re Looking For

So what’s the first thing you should look out for when finding an electrician?

When planning, you need to ensure they offer the exact service that you’re in need of. An excellent electrician will have their full list of services front and center like total re-wiring, machine-specific electrical help, restoration and others listed on their site.

Contact these electricians and tell them in full detail the exact type of work you need to have done.

Make sure to also ask their level of experience in dealing and solving the issues that you’ve mentioned. Someone who is experienced likely has a schedule or timeline to fixing this issue and will get the job done faster.

We strongly encourage you to work with very experienced electricians instead.

2. Fantastic Online Reviews

how to hire an electrician

Prior to choosing an electrician, make sure you read about their previous customer experiences to see what others are saying about them on the internet.

Look through both other third party sites to see what people say and also look at their testimonial section on their website.

You can also ask them to put in at minimum two direct references for you to contact. For the electricians that can’t meet those requirements, you should not hire them. This means that people don’t have good things to say.

3. Properly Licensed and Insured

When you’re looking into these electricians, make sure they have their proper insurance and licenses.

Electricians should have their homeowner’s and liabilities insurance. This insurance means that their workers cannot sue you for getting injured or hurt during their job.

In addition, if an electrician causes damage to your wiring or home, you will not be held responsible financially for the wreckage that you didn’t cause.

Ensure that the electrician has all of the proper licensing in your specific state. In most cases, an unlicensed subcontractor will perform low quality work and may take advantage of you financially.

4. Credible Online Presence

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electrician how to hire one

Having a strong and credible online presence tells a lot about an electrician.

Online reviews and list of services don’t give you the total picture of their online presence.

Also checkout if they have a blog page that helps them demonstrate their expertise to prove they know what they’re talking about. If you’re looking for help in restoring electrical wiring in older homes, you should see blog articles about this subject.

Their blog also tells you the exact field that the electrician specializes in.

5. Is there Warranty Available?

When first meeting up with your electrician, it’s good to ask them about any type of warranty available.

Let’s say you get the problem fixed. However, the issue arises again after just a few weeks that the job was completed. Would you be charged again to have it fixed or is there a warranty to protect against this damage? You don’t want to have to fund this project again if things go wrong the first time.

Make sure to understand how their warranty works to ensure there’s no secret wording that you don’t comprehend.

An electrician who is truly qualified can attest and stand behind their company and work that they provide.

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Hiring an Electrician

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Hiring an Electrician: 5 Critical Things to Look For

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