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Best Direction for a House to Face (Read this First!)

Best Direction for a House to Face (Read this First!)

There are so many options to consider when deciding on a new home such as the floor plan and interior design. We’ll cover how you should decide your best direction for a new home.

It doesn’t matter if you’re choosing a home site to build a home from ground up or an already completed home, there are still a lot of factors to consider before you hire a subcontractor.

Best Direction for a House to Face

Factors might be climate or light as well as cultural too. If you’re weighing the final straws between deciding two or more homesites or homes, these factors should weigh into your decision making.

A resident of Elyson named Martha Sellers factored in an east-west orientation when choosing her homesite. This is because her backyard overlooked a beautiful scenic laker with trails beyond and views of ravine.

Martha mentioned that the sunrise and sunset were absolutely gorgeous and that’s her most treasured part about living there.

For a person like Martha, being able to see the run rise in the east and set on the west side was a significant factor that played into her decision making process.

For homes that face the west side, the sun rises in the backyard and sets in the forefront. For homes that face the east side, it is the complete opposite.

Having the right placement for your home site is crucial because it will affect the comfort and energy conservation. A home that faces the south will get more sunlight throughout the day especially on the forefront of the home. This means these homes are typically warmer and brighter. A home that faces the north will get sunshine in the back of the home and will be darker as well as cooler than homes facing the south.

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You’ll be surprised to find that which direction a home faces affects cultural traditions too. Feng shui is the chinese art of placement and it applies to houses. In feng shui, the direction of the front door can be a sign of good luck for your family members.

The hindu practice of vastu shastra considers that north and east facing determines great health and prosperity in your home.

You also have to consider which way the wind blows if you’re someone that enjoys spending time in the front porch or patio. For the city of Houston, the wind blows from the southeast especially during the summer time.

You can use a website such as Homefinder to browse home plans and quick move-in homes in Elyson. The tool gives you capability to see which direction the homesites face. There’s also other filters and criteria's such as funding options that you can checkout to find your ideal home in Elyson.

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