What’s the Difference Between Luxury Vinyl and Laminate Flooring?

Laminate vs Vinyl Flooring: We Compare Everything

For those interested in learning more about luxury vinyl and laminate flooring, we’ll be covering the differences and which is the best.

These floorying types typically come up during home improvement projects. If you’re looking for the cheapest alternative to hardwood floors, the laminate flooring is a great option. You can also choose Luxury Vinyl, which has been becoming popular lately. It consists of tiles and planks. The tiles simulate the texture of stone and planks simulate the natural wood. The planks do a great job of creating the hardwood floor effect and are competing with laminates.

What is Laminate Flooring

What’s the Difference Between Luxury Vinyl and Laminate Flooring?
Laminate flooring comes in many different styles and used to approximate the look and feel of wood. This type of flooring is quite durable due to it’s layered construction. To create enduring and attractive flooring, there are four layers that are fused together.
There is a backing layer that consists of a moisture barrier to protect warping.
To provide additional stability and an extra layer of moisture resistance, the laminate has a high-density fiberboard in the inner core that is made from resin fused with wood fibers.
With it’s design layer, laminate flooring looks like authentic wood with incredible high resolution and detailed image. Finally, there is a finishing layer that protects against fading and staining.

What is Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

What’s the Difference Between Luxury Vinyl and Laminate Flooring?

Since the original vinyl flooring, the modern luxury vinyl has come a long way. Luxury Vinyl flooring is quickly becoming a popular choice for designers and commercial subcontractors due to it’s durability combined with beauty. Because of this, it is an excellent alternative choice to hardwood flooring.

This flooring has a firm yet elastic quality because of the polyvinyl chloride or PVC material. Similar to laminate flooring, luxury vinyl also has a base year that provides durability and structural integrity.
The design layer of the flooring provides real-like images identical to wood planks. On top of the design layer, there is a clear coat of urethane textured with 3D printing.
This imaging adds depth to the over plank making it feel very realistic. The layering also safeguards from potential damages such as scratches, scuffs and general wear and tear, while also adding orthopedic comfort.

Which is better

In structure, both flooring types are very alike. Laminate and luxury vinyl are both quite simple to install as well. They also mimic the natural wood flooring very well and cost much less than hardwood. Although, luxury vinyl can be a bit pricey compared to laminate.
The main factor that differentiates the two is Luxury Viny’s ability to resist moisture. That means your decision will come down to where you would like to install it.

For laminate floors, moisture can cause joints to swell and pucker. For luxury vinyl, it can protect against moisture. Therefore, if you have plans to install flooring in your kitchen, bathroom or any other room with a lot of moisture, it’s best to use luxury vinyl. This type of flooring provides a beautiful flooring along with superior durability.

Luxury Vinyl also has the advantage when it comes to installing. You don’t need any underlayment or padding for installation. Also, there’s no need to saw it. Simply use a razor knife and snap to score it. For laminate flooring, you would need to saw it to create dust. Luxury Vinyl is much faster and is dust-free to install.

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If you’re thinking about getting either flooring, just know both are affordable and durable alternatives to hardwood. But luxury vinyl wins due to it’s moisture resistant feature. If you’re having trouble with the planning and scheduling phase for your new home improvement project, then you can contact us, so we can assist you.