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Successful Home Contracting This fact-filled course is designed to fully explain the home building process and equip you to save thousands of dollars by either acting as your own contractor when building your next home, or by dealing from a position of strength, which comes from knowledge, when you hire a contractor. It was designed for people who have no experience in construction. This comprehensive course will guide you through the contracting process.

Clear and Non-Technical
The course has been carefully crafted to take the novice through all the steps - from budgeting, through finding and dealing with subcontractors, planning, financing, and the actual construction. Each topic is introduced, defined, explained, and illustrated in a clear, non-technical manner. A great deal of effort has been made to help those unfamiliar with the construction process get completely comfortable with the terminology, the timing, and the techniques.


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Interaction with live instructors and other students - IRC has designed this intensive, fast-paced, hard hitting, two-day,course to provide you with the opportunity to get your questions answered in one-on-one situations and with the lively interaction between a highly qualified instructor and a group of very serious students.



Who Should Attend? If you’re planning on building a home - Whether you are planning to act as your own contractor or to hire a professional home builder, this program is just what you need to gain confidence. You'll get the technical know-how to be in control of your home construction project - from start to finish.


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Couples! If you are planning to act as your own contractor, and possibly do some of the work yourself, we strongly recommend that both husband and wife attend the seminar. Building your own home can place stress on even the best of relationships. It really helps if both parties have a good understanding of the process before you begin this exciting adventure. To encourage participation by couples, we have reduced the tuition for the second person in your party by $100!

Subcontractors, Suppliers, and other Contracting Professionals - Make yourself more valuable and effective by gaining a better understanding of how your specialty fits into the entire home building process. Also ask about our unique Affiliate Program.

Free Refresher NOT READY TO BUILD? It’s never too early to start your planning. We feel that if a project is properly planned, it should just about build itself. Even if you don’t plan to start for months or even years, you will be doing yourself a big favor if you start your planning now! We have a Free Refresher policy that allows you take the class now, when you’re just beginning the planning process. And then you can come back and take a free refresher class when you are ready to break ground . . . to sharpen your contracting knowledge and skills and recharge your confidence. It’s surprising how this one-two punch will get you on track and prepare you for the most exciting experience of your life . . . building your dream home!. With IRC’s exclusive Free Refresher policy, there’s no need to wait.

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IRC’s extensive contracting course stresses planning, planning, planning! So even if you don’t plan to build for a year or more, you can begin your planning process now by taking the Successful Home Contracting course right away.

Comprehensive Guide To Residential Contracting Terms - Part of being in control is knowing what you’re talking about! Here is an exclusive 33-page publication which is packed with definitions, photographs, and illustrations of over 275 terms you’ll need to know. Do you know what is meant by gooseneck, pilaster, dead wood, or knee-kicker? You’ll find them all in this valuable booklet which is part of your class materials.

Here is some of what is covered. To see a full description of what you will learn, click

What You Will Learn

Construction Loan This course will also show you how to approach a lender for your construction loan. Lenders want to see a well organized project, and be assured that you know what you are doing. When you follow the steps in our pull-out check lists, you’ll be totally prepared to face this challenge!

Budget The course will help you establish a project budget before you have your plans and specifications prepared. So many people have their plans drawn up, only to find out that the estimated cost is twice what they can afford. Then they have to go through the painful process of down-sizing rooms and cutting amenities and quality. By doing a budget first, you avoid that dilemma.


Construction Schedule You’ll also be able to plan your construction schedule, line up subcontractors and suppliers, and set up your construction cost accounting system before you’re ready to build.

You know, building your own home can be one of the most exciting and rewarding adventures of your life. And it should be. You will always cherish and savor the satisfaction and pride you will experience by making your dreams come to reality.


The opportunity for fantastic financial savings has never been greater. And the opportunity exists for all who are willing to prepare themselves for the task at hand.

Why not maximize the returns on your investment . . . your investment of time, energy, and dollars? Why not prepare yourself to be the best that you can be?

With this seminar youget the inside knowledge you need to be in control of your project. The training you will receive insures that your efforts will be rewarded with significant financial savings and with a home in which you can take tremendous pride.

Big Savings In addition, if you decide to act as your own general contractor, you will earn the builder's profit. This could amount to 15% to 25% or more of the fair market value of your home - if you know what you are doing! On a $300,000 home, that’s a savings of $45,000 to $75,000! And, if you plan to do some of the actual work yourself (painting, wallpapering, etc.) the savings could be truly astronomical!

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