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Here are some additional resources that may be of help in your exciting home building adventure.

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Ideas For Deck Designs.com - your source for everything you need to build better backyards and decks.

Hot Tubs
Freeflow Spas Choose from an extensive selection of energy efficient hot tubs and spas at discount price. If you're in the Rocky Mountain area

Soft Spa Covers Soft spa covers for all hot tub and spa types any shape new or old.

Avoiding Problems - HomeBuilding Pitfalls (a downloadable book) has lots of "must read" stuff like researching a builder and a neighborhood, legal pitfalls, warranties, walk-throughs, punch lists, and more. It's a bargain at $39.95.

Builder's Advice or Support Services
Builder Bill Here's some practical help from a professional builder on power tools, hand tools, materials, and home improvements in general including additions and constructionl. This is a useful resource from small DIY jobs to owner builder projects. This site covers roofing, decks, stairs, carpentry.

HomeWrights, here's a company that specializes in managing home building projects. They'll hold your hand every step of the way.

Architectural Elements
Architectural Accents If you like the really nice stuff, here's an outfit that you'll love. It features mantles, doors, fired tile, mirrors, and a whole lot more.

Thermomax Premier Hot Water Solutions These folks say they have the finest vacuum tube collector in the world. Take a look at their specs. You may agree!


Electrical Consultants As a full service Consulting Group, DFW CGI specializes in electrical
design services like arc flash analysis, energy modelling, LEED engineering,
commercial energy audits and much more.






Punch! Professional Home Design


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