IRC’s nationally acclaimed course, Successful Home Contracting is the most comprehensive of its kind for Owner Builders/Owner Contractors- covering the entire building sequence from start to finish. You’ll find this intensive, hands-on program jam-packed with cost-cutting, step-saving information - guaranteed to save you money.

Even if you plan to hire a contractor to build your home, you can still save thousands of dollars by learning how to negotiate effectively with your builder, suppliers, and subcontractors.

"This exciting, 700 page, two volume course is just what you need for your home building
project. It gets everything in one place - a great convenience when you're 'in the field.'"

The special binding allows the books to lay flat when they are opened to any page. This is a real plus when you are working from the front seat of your car or truck - as in when you are out at the job site meeting a sub or checking the work. Included are over 500 hundred photos and dozens of illustrations, tables, and forms - everything you will need to guide you through the contracting process, to get you organized, and to help you stay in control of your project.

The course has been carefully crafted to take you through all the steps - from lot selection, through planning, financing, and the actual construction. Each topic is introduced, defined, explained, and illustrated in a clear, non-technical manner. A great deal of effort has been made to help those unfamiliar with the construction process get completely comfortable with the terminology, the timing, and the techniques.

. . . also included in this
comprehensive course

Check Lists for each Lesson and a Master Check List - These are a great help in makingsure you don't forget anything!


The Comprehensive Guide to Residential Contracting Terms - Part of being in control is knowing what you’re talking about! Here is an exclusive 28-page publication, which is packed with definitions, photographs, and illustrations of over 275 terms you’ll need to know. Do you know what is meant by gooseneck, pilaster, dead wood, or knee-kicker? You’ll find them all in this valuable booklet which is part of your seminar materials.

• A Question and Answer section at the end of each lesson to check your understanding of the material covered and prepare you for the 50-question "Final Exam." All of the questions on the exam are taken from the ones at the end of the lessons.

Certificate of Successful Completion

Certificate of Final Completion - This "suitable-for-framing" certificate is issued when you have returned a satisfactory "Final Exam" to IRC. This short, open-book quiz is taken directly from the Q&A's at end of each lesson. It is your proof that you are serious about building your home and have taken the time and expense to prepare yourself for the job. This is very helpful when approaching a lender for your construction loan!



In addition . . .

You will find all of IRC's Forms on the CD which comes with the Home Study Course including


Lot Criteria Rating Form - to help you evaluate several lots and make an informed decision.

Subcontractor Agreement

Samples of H.U.D. and bank Specifications Forms - these are required by your lender and show all the details of your new home that are not spelled out on the plans themselves.

Change Order Forms

Bar Chart Form, which can be used to do simple bar chart planning.

Lien Release Waiver

A Subcontractor Directory Form to help you keep up with all your subs

Scheduling Forms

Subcontractor Information Form

Master Construction Record

Cost Estimate and Cash Flow Planning Forms

Walk Through Inspection Form

Cost Accounting Forms

Financial Statement Form

IRC Forms

Building your own home can be one of the most exciting and rewarding adventures of your life. And it should be. You will always cherish and savor the satisfaction and pride you will experience by making your dreams come to reality. The opportunity for fantastic financial savings has never been greater. And the opportunity exists for all who are willing to prepare themselves for the task at hand.

Each of the Seventeen Lessons features a detailed Check List so you won’t forget any of the important action steps. You’ll also find extensive Bibliographic References, Appendices with supplementary materials, and Question and Answers to help you check your progress.

This fact-filled course is designed to fully explain the home building process and equip you to save thousands of dollars by either acting as your own contractor when building your next home, or by dealing from a position of strength, which comes from knowledge, when you hire a contractor.

This set of beautifully prepared books is designed to go with you into the field as you oversee the construction of your new home. You’ll be well armed with the knowledge you need to tackle your construction project with confidence.


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