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The Ceiling

truss as ceilingCeilings are not as complicated as walls. The simplest ceiling is formed by the bottom chord of a roof truss.

In this case, there is no additional step to constructing a ceiling. The roof truss is set in place, and that's it.

If trusses are not used, the ceiling is con-structed much like the wood floor.





Joists As CeilingIn fact, in a two story home, the ceiling of the first level is the floor of the second.

The members are called ceiling Joists. They rest on the walls, or on beams which span between the walls.



If flat ceilings bore you, you have many other options! For example, your ceilings can be vaulted in an infinite variety of ways. Vaulted ceiling add volume to your rooms, as well as additional heating/cooling requirements.

Even flat ceilings can be spruced up with built-in treys , faux beams, and a variety of textured materials and finishes.

Faux Tin CeilingFaux ceilings are all the rage. Faux tin and faux copper add a real tough of class and luxury at surprisingly reasonable prices. They are also a good candidate for do-it-yourselfers.




Trey Ceiling






Coffer Ceiling


Vaulted Ceiling


















faux beam ceiling

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Next on the structural list (working from the ground up) is the Roof

For additional information on house foundations,
see Lesson Five and Lesson Fifteen of our online course
Successful Home Contracting

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