My name is Joseph Hill. I was a home builder for a number of years. I built in North Carolina, Florida, and Colorado.

About twenty-five years ago I wrote a 700-page home study course for people who wanted to be their own contractor called Successful Home Contracting. I marketed it under the somewhat stuffy company name of Institute of Residential Contracting.

Over time, the course evolved into a two-day, weekend seminar, for which we charged $395. We taught it for a number of years around the country, but primarily in the Denver and Colorado Springs area.

The course was approved for continuing education for real estate agents in a number of states.

We found that over 80% of the people taking the class already had a lot. This was a very serious group!

We always had a number of "industry experts" lined up to come and give a brief presentation during the class. They were happy to do it for free because it gave them access to some very qualified and motivated customers.

We found that many of our students wanted to hire a contractor, but took the class so that they were better informed about the process and more comfortable with working with a contractor.

Others wanted a relationship with a builder to help them in specific areas - estimating, superintending, construction draws, etc.

The builder affiliates who worked with us found that the students they ended up working with had much more realistic expectations and were easier to work with than their ordinary clients.

Some builders offered their services on an a-la-carte basis . . . doing as much or as little as the client/owner wanted and charging accordingly.

Several years ago we changed the name to a much less pretentious "Home Building Answers," and developed this web site. As you can see, all of the information we used to sell in the form of seminars and books is available here for free.

That's the background. Here's where you come in.

This course is a valuable resource for the owner builder, AND, as a seminar, for the people who teach it - builders, suppliers, etc. But let's face it - putting together and teaching a two-day seminar is a lot of work. At my age, I don't want to do it anymore on a regular basis.

So I thought, why not make it available to builders around the country who may want to increase their business by working with owner builders.

Here's how I see it working:

I will come to your city for a couple of days and teach you how to put a seminar together and teach it.

I have everything you will need: Teacher's Manual, Student Workbooks, Power Point Presentation, advertising materials, etc.

I will advertise your class on the Home Building Answers web site.

If you like, I will come back and help you teach your first class or two.

You can charge for the classes and make a little money that way, or you can give them for free and get your rewards from the contracts you end up with. Your choice.

You'll have to pay the travel expenses for me (and possibly my wife) to come to your city for your training and any subsequent classes you might want me to attend.

You'll have to buy the Teacher's Manual and Student Workbooks from us. I'll just charge my costs, a small profit, and the shipping fees. When I was teaching the class I was able to produce these materials for about $30 a student. It'll probably be a little more now.

I won't charge for the Power Point, samples of advertising materials, or advertising on our site. This is not a franchise deal, so there's no franchise fee. In fact, we won't be in business together at all, i.e. there will be no formal business relationship between us.

We'll get some free travel - always a nice plus at our age! We'll get a little income from the training materials you buy from us. We'll get to make some new friends around the country. And we'll spread the word about Home Building Answers and continue building our brand as an Internet authority on home building.

There are several outfits out there that want you to franchise their "system" (for a big fee), buy all their stuff, and follow their program to the tee - including audits and half your profits.

That's not our business. Our goal is to offer the most extensive, non-biased information on the home building process available at one spot on the Internet dial.

We believe that if we do an effective job at that, our rewards will come in the form of advertising on and from online affiliate relationships and online sales of books, software, and other related materials.

We only want our name associated with reputable, quality builders. If that's you, and you want to pursue this further, email me at

. . . or pick up your phone and call me at 303-283-3837

or on my cell at 303-246-0259

Joe Hill
Program Director,
Home Building Answers